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The MapManager service provides access to several commonly used operations involving the map. You can get an instance of the MapManager at Services.MapManager.

The MapManager also keeps a list of all of the TileMaps that are being used to draw the scene. Tileset scenes should register their TileMap nodes with the MapManager service using the register_map() method. TileMaps are automatically unregistered when the scene is changed. Additionally TileMaps should have their global position set to Vector2(0,0) and have a cell_size that matches or is a clean multiple of Services.MapManager.cell_size().

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  • world_to_map(position: Vector2) → Vector2
    • Converts between global positions and map positions
  • map_to_world(position: Vector2) → Vector2
    • Converts between map positions and global positions
  • cell_size() → Vector2
    • Returns the size of the cells on the map
  • tile_bounding_box(position: Vector2) → Array
    • Returns the global position of each corner of a tile
  • center_of_tile(position: Vector2) → Vector2
    • Returns the global position of the center of the tile
  • position_in_tile(position: Vector2, tile: Vector2) → bool
    • Determines if a global position is in a given map tile
  • near_edge_of_tile(position: Vector2, tile: Vector2, threshold: float)
    • Determines if a global position is near the edge of a tile
  • interactables_on_tile(position: Vector2) → Array
    • Returns an Array with all valid interactable objects on a tile
  • register_map(new_map: TileMap, registered_name: String)
    • Registers a background TileMap
  • unregister_map(registered_name: String)
    • Unregisters a previously registered background TileMap
  • get_registered_maps() → Dictionary
    • Returns a list of all registered maps by name
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