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a game about community gardening and community empowerment.

Basically, you grow food in your garden to support your family, your community, refugees and etc. Community members may be more likely to assist you if you provide for them. Gratitude begets gratituce and no good deed goes unrewarded.

This could even be a multiplayer game, encouraging poeple to help others. Perhaps other players could water your plants while you are away.

There might be different climates and microclimates. This would encourage sharing and interacting with other players. This could be further encourages by requiring some plants.

Increasingly fed up with menial wage-labor, you decide to put an end to the cycle. You save up a small sum of money and buy a small plot of land. It is a run down community garden. You hope that in time, it will flousrish and provide a depressing capitalistic landscape with fresh fruits and veggies, as well as a hub for your community.

Your role: Provide food for your comrades, and ask that they provide what they can, when they can.

Progression: Various plot events ensue, each propelled by a community member, and affected by your relationship with them.

These can be added as we go.

Location: Many locations, each with unique biological context. - North-sish US, central US. 40+-7 parallel (location of test scenery) - Cold climate (greenhouses/orchard growth, hardy crops) - Space station/other sci-fi zone (hydroponic growth only)

All locations can interact, allowing for trade and communication between gardens, some crops unique to each.

End: Like we talked about yesterday, when you have adequate interaction with community.

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