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Playable Character

The main character the player can control. The player is customizable and controllable by mouse or keyboard.


Each distinct part of player can be changed out, and more options can be easily added. Type and color can be customized. For example, you can choose multiple hair types, and set any tint. Not all options allow for both to be set. For example, you can set skin color, but there are not different shaped skins.

Adding new sprites

Adding new sprites is easy. The best way is to clone AssetsForPlantRebellion, then clone a layer. You can draw the new sprite with other layers visible to compare, then export it alone as a single sheet and place it in the assets/characters folder in plant rebellion. If the sprite already fits in an existing category, just duplicate a similar sprite in scenes/player/phenotype.tscn, name it and set the img_path variable to point at your new sprite.

Adding an entirely new sprite is a similar process, but you must clone the entire category, then add the relevant options to scenes/options/player_options/*

Controlling the player

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