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Context:  On 3:14:08 UTC January 19, 2038, lab equipment malfunctioned, introducing DNA encoding a functional brain into the lab specimen X129 as well as granting it the capacity to transfer genetic material. Specimen X129 soon spread gene Y, resulting in the enhanced intelligence of plant lifeforms. Aware of their exploitation and of mass ecological devastation produced by humans, these intelligent plants, known collectively as The Armutus, began to mount resistance to their human oppressors. It was thought that they were the source of seeds carried over the wind which surreptitiously bore plants that produced toxic compounds such as ricin and cyanide in order to kill humans. In retaliation, the democratic leader of the global entity UNO launched the notorious ECLIPSE project (Ecological Catastrophe Light Protection Serial Enforcement), wiping out The Armutus. An artificially low amount of sunlight was maintained in order to prevent a return of malicious plant intelligence, allowing UNO a monopoly on scarce ecological resources. Production of electromagnetic radiation around the frequencies necessary for plant life is strictly forbidden, and humans now rely on infrared optical lenses since the majority of the visible spectrum is absent from the environment.

Your role: You are an ecosystem engineer in training, practicing to be able to artificially recreate biospheres under controlled condictions.

Prologue: You become steadily more disillusioned with your work, seeing that the techniques advocated by your coworkers such as monocropping and intensive industrial agriculture which are touted for their efficiency, crop yields, and high profit margins are lacking in critical areas such as biological diversity and nutrient depletion. You also begin to see the negative effects of the disappearance of ecosystems from the planet, whose services are replaced by EAAS automatons (Ecosystems as a service) produced by the megacoporation ECoF. (Ecofascism/Ecofriendly) that coerce people into paying for unpolluted water and air. 

A mysterious figure known as GAIA rises to the forefront during this period, who channels discontent into revolt against EcoF and UNO. You discover the truth about The Armutus: their intelligence did not derive from their brain, but from their collective organization into complex structures that allowed them to communicate efficiently and cooperate as a group. After reverse-engineering their complex organizational structure (a decentralized hivemind), you meet GAIA who leads you to an unknown destination (the last ecosystem).

GAIA disappears as UNO cracks down on protesters, and is rumored to be captured. You learn that the supposed attacks by the Arm utus were in fact fictional and created in order to prevent humankind from replicating its structure and to also provide a pret ext to increase control over the global population. 


UNO discovers the location of the last ecosystem and prepares to destroy it; you recreate the organizational structure of the A rmutus within the ecosytem in order to prepare its defense.

EcoF. declares the necessity for a reduction of the population because of the scarcity of ecological resources and in order to prevent further destruction of the environment, cutting off one half of the population from access to EAAS. UNO discovers the l ocation of the last ecosystem and prepares to destroy it; you recreate the organizational structure of the Armutus within the e cosytem in order to prepare its defense. Meanwhile, the rebels have begun to adopt the structure of the Arumutus to great effec t, enabling them to effectively use new tactics to resist control.

-Sabotage -Developing a new world order based on The Armutus -Return of GAIA -Cooperate with elderly -Multiplayer coop where you fight EcoF in your local area

End: The sunlight returns as the ECLIPSE project is ended.

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