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Having recently become unemployed you strike up a conversation with your neighbor about starting a community garden. You and your neighbor tear down the fence between your yards and begin to build a plot.

Over the course of the game you plant vegetables and grow food which you prepare into various “artisinal goods” that can be shared with those in your neighborhood.

You speak to people in your neighborhood and they express their wants and needs, their problems and regrets, and the you attempt to fulfill those needs to the best of your ability. People who you have helped may eventually join the garden project. These new volunteers will unlock new mechanics and items.

Some problems can only be solved with the appropriate volunteers already involved with the garden.

As the game goes on the garden is able to solve bigger and bigger problems. The player becomes less reliant on the Capitalist economy as they can utilize more of the internal resources of the collective. I.e. They can just ask for items or services from people in the collective instead of purchasing it.

Towards the end of the game there could be a big crisis of some sort and it requires the entire community to come together to fix it. Maybe there is a famine in a nearby town?

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