solidarity fist

Our values

We are a democratically controller, socialist worker cooperative and our values reflect that.

We are commited to:

Our workers-members

As a socialist-founded cooperative, we strive to maintain working conditions which are fair, sustainable and comfortable to all our workers, and to promoting and helping other workers in any ways we can.


While we will limit the number of worker-members so as to better meet our first commitment, anyone may join us regardless of race, gender, religion, or social orientation as long as they are willing and eager to uphold our mission and values. We also will strive to keep our licenses open and our sources available so that anyone may benefit, regardless of their available capital.


We believe a better world is an open one. All that we create is publicly licensed, all of our communications are publicly logged, and all of our meetings have publicly posted minutes. We don't better the world by hiding our views and aims. We openly declare our intentions, our work, and our policy.