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We aim to cooperate to create games which inspire us, connect us, and promote a fair, equitable and proletarian worldview.

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Who we are


Otso is an undergraduate, wannabe artist, commie, semi-professional programmer, and vegan. Pronouns are He/Him/His.


Rpite is an undergraduate, wannabe hacker, anarcho-mutualist, and a vegan. Pronouns are He/Him.


Zellfaze is a former systems administrator, a longtime hobbyist programmer, and is your friendly neighborhood pacifist vegan anarchist. Pronouns are He/Him/They (or really whatever, gender is silly).

Plant Rebellion


Plant Rebellion is a game about community gardening and community empowerment. It is still in development and completely open source. We also host a wiki, to facilitate our learning about sustainable gardening, and to help plan out features of the game. Visit to more about it, or contribute your own ideas or knowledge.

See the source on cgit
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Contact us

We communicate primarily on IRC. Feel free to contact us there at our channel #coop at We communicate transparently; all of our communications are logged publicly.


We create Open Source software and assets. You can see all our work, documents and meeting minutes on our git server.